Fishing at Forda

There are four medium-size coarse fishing lakes at Forda, all within easy reach of the lodges and cottages. They may be fished free of charge at any time of year and are for the exclusive use of guests. The fishing is ideal for the family fisherman and for those who enjoy a natural environment but less suited to those who prefer a more “commercial” fishery. The natural setting encourages a wide variety of birds, including kingfishers and moorhens, and wildlife, including roe deer.

We try to keep keep rules to a minimum but please:

Looking up over top lake

Top lake

Roughly rectangular (approx. 65 x 35 metres) and hidden from view of the lodges in a natural setting. It is stocked with our biggest carp – some to 15lbs, plus bream, roach and a few tench.

Our biggest lake - Middle lake

Middle lake

An irregular triangular shape (approx. 85 x 50 metres), hidden from view of the lodges by woodland and home to carp, bream, roach, rudd and golden tench. The most beautiful and peaceful of the lakes.

Meadow lake

Meadow lake

Added approximately 10 years ago between Bottom and Top lakes, roughly round with an island (approx. 45 x 30 metres) and home to carp, tench, bream and crucian carp.

View of our A-Frames over bottom lake

Bottom lake

An oval shape scenic lake, within view of the “A” frame lodges (approx. 56 x 40 metres). It is stocked with golden tench, bream, roach and rudd, plus a few perch. Ideal for a dabble and for children under supervision.

Next to the lakes is a wooden cabin for storing fishing tackle (padlocked, with the combination issued to anglers on request).

Night fishing is possible by arrangement.

Although the fishing at Forda is for residents only, the Environment Agency still requires that any angler aged 12 years or over must have a valid rod fishing licence. We do not check licences but the authorities can visit and ask to see licences at any time.

For more information visit the Environment Agency website.