Spa Treatments

Enjoy a spa treatment, beauty treatment or complementary therapy while on holiday at Forda or take a spa break of a few days in the spring, autumn or winter. Browse our list of lovely spa treatments, which include various massage therapies, facials and pedicures.

Forda’s spa treatments are offered on site, in comfort, privacy and safety. The treatment room is situated in the pool building, handy for the indoor swimming pool, hot tub and sauna and close to your holiday lodge or cottage.

Spa Treatments



A relaxing or invigorating massage, excellent for relieving stress, tension, aches, and pains.

60 mins (full body) £45
30 mins (back, neck and shoulders) £32


Essential oils are used, tailored to the individual’s needs. Combining Swedish massage and pressure point massage, the oils are absorbed into the skin and then to the blood and lymphatic system.

60 mins (full body) £50
30 mins (back, neck and shoulders) £35

Hot stone

A unique treatment, combining massage with the use of heated volcanic stones. The heat penetrates deeply into the muscles, stimulating blood flow and relaxing the mind, body, and soul.

60 mins (full body) £55
30 mins (back, neck and shoulders) £38


Express prescriptive facial

To help balance and hydrate the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow.

30 mins £30

Essential prescriptive facial

A more intense facial to nourish and moisturise, revive and refresh.

60 mins £45

Cornish organic facial

Local, natural, and handmade products are used with a variety of herbs and flowers to decongest & soothe, and to nourish and moisturise the skin.

60 mins £52

The spa experience

Relax and radiate

A combination of treatments to melt your stress away. A relaxing 45-minute hot stone massage followed by a 30-minute facial including scalp massage.

75 mins. £60

Forda fantasia

The ultimate combination. Hot Stone therapy combined with Swedish massage and the use of aromatherapy essential oils, specially blended and personalised to the needs of each individual, followed by a 30-minute facial including scalp massage.

90 mins £65

Detox soak (feet)

A pure crystal soak with the addition of herbs to provide a bubbling botanical blast of soothing wellness and help to relieve stress. A unique Somatology massage is added for final relaxation and rejuvenation.

30 mins. £25

Treatments for the younger ladies

Suitable for 12–16-year-olds. A parent must sign a parental consent form and be present throughout the treatment.

Young lady spa experience

A 15 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a 15-minute express facial and 30-minute express manicure or pedicure (includes a polish to finish)

60 mins. £47

Young lady pamper

Facial, followed by either a manicure or pedicure (includes a polish to finish).

30 mins. £23
60 mins. £40

Gel Polish can be added onto the Young Lady Spa Experience and Young Lady Pamper as an extra.

Young lady manicure or pedicure

File and shaping, cuticle work and apply polish or gel (30 mins).

Polish £14.50
Gel £20

Other treatments, such as waxing, and eyebrow and eyelash tinting are available. Do enquire for details of any other treatments which you would like but are not listed above.

Please contact Marie on 07377 319 982 or to book your treatments or to discuss your requirements.

Payments are cash only, thank you.